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Smoking, Smokeless Tobacco, Vaping and Oral Health

Published On 12/30/2019

Smoking Tobacco

Most people are now aware that smoking is bad for their overall health. It can cause many different medical problems and, in some cases, fatal diseases such as certian forms of cancer.  However, many people still don't realize the damage smoking does to their mouth, gums and teeth. Check out the link below for more information about the health risks of smoking and using tobacco products on your mouth.

Chewing Tobacco and Snuff:

Using chewing tobacco products can harm your health, INCLUDING your teeth, gums, tongue and throat. Oral cancer is a devastating forms of cancer and is the greatest concern associated with smokeless tobacco use.  Those who survive often experience a negative impact on their quality of life. visit the links below for more information.

Non-Cigarette Alternatives (vaping):

These products are marketed as "safer than cigarettes" however these products contain: nicotine (often in a much higer dose that a traditional cigarette) and ultrafine particles in the form of aerosol. This aerosol contains heavy metals and other volatile organic compounds such as benzene, nickel, tin, and chromium.  While some proponents like to argue that  vaping may be a better alternative that traditional smoking,  vaping and other non-cigarette alternatives are still extremely dangerous to our health. More research is needed to get the full scope of these dangers.  See below for important information about vaping and its potential impacts on your health.